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We are member of the Solar Energy Mexican Associtation 

(Asosiación Mexicana de Energía Solar)

From 2014, thanks to an institutional accord, Kiin Energy has collaborated in Mexico in depiction of the ‘Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables de España (CENER)’ in the implementation of the energy amendment and the growth of the renewable energies.

CENER is a technology center that does research applied to renewable energies and gives tech support and consoulting to energy institutions and businesses in six areas:

Wind, Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic, Biomass, Efficiency and Energy Generation in Buildings and Urban [pending] and Energy Grid Integration.


Solar Photovoltaic

Biomass Energy

Solar Thermal

Renewable energy grid integration

Wind Energy

Energy Efficiency


Kiin Energy in collaboration with CENER, the Energy Secretariat (SENER) and CONACYT through the Energy Sustainability Fund, collaborated in the shaping of the Mexican Centers of the Energy Innovation (CEMIES).

The CEMIES have as a goal, to grow the applied research, the technological development, innovation and the deployment of products and services. Focused to strengthen the renewable energies market.

In partnership with the EIN group from Spain, Kiin Energy participated in a committe conformed by the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) and relevant people from the energy sector, public and private in the project called “POLÍTICAS PÚBLICAS PARA MAXIMIZAR LOS BENEFICIOS LOCALES DE PROYECTOS EÓLICOS EN MÉXICO” which its goal is to generate elements that allows the different government orders a better design and implementation of public policies in the energy field, associated to:

  • Social Impact
  • Environmental Impact